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Your Trusted Lawyer

If you need a lawyer you can trust, call our law offices today and get started. 



(405) 850-5878

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

- Trafficking

- DUI’s

- Manslaughter

- Fraud

- Assault & Battery

- Sex Crimes

- Possession of Controlled and Dangerous Substances

- Domestic Disputes

- Illegal Re-entries

- Negligent Homicide

- Hit and Run

- Thefts

- 1st Degree Murder

- 2nd Degree Murder

- Trafficking Offenses

- Employment Fraud

- Burglary


- Family Based Immigration

- Citizenship

- Illegal Presence Waiver

- Specializes on Protecting DACA Recipients from Losing Status

We work for you and we are committed to giving you the legal advice you can trust.



Miguel García


Miguel Garcia, originally from Mexico, grew up in the outskirts of Houston, TX since the age of 6.  He then received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish and a Masters of Arts in Modern Languages from the University Of Texas A&M where he also was a teaching graduate assistant teaching Spanish in the Hispanic Studies Department...

My Team

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